This is me being punny.

This is me being punny.

I’m not dead! (well not yet)
Wow, I miss this website. I’m just too busy… Okay, I’m trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of things. Things like school and teenage-hood.
Okay this text post is going nowhere and I think I can’t make any more sentences with sense cause I’m awfully sleepy, meh. I just wanna see some cool literature made by the people I follow.

A night that differs

Tonight, tonight was the night where every dull star twinkled. Everyone was so different from their average looks, but in a positive way.

Did you see that girl in the pitch black dress? She was cute before but now she’s beautiful.

But what about that lady in red? Did you even recognize her? No? Well that’s because she was like a flower in bloom, she was wonderful as a bud but now she’s gorgeous. No one will look at her the same way ever again.

And what about that guy with the odd looking suit? It’s weird but it works. He was shy always but now he’s dancing with people he had never even talked to.

All of the people here are physically and socially different, it’s only for tonight, but whatever, just enjoy the event, and like I said, it is only for tonight.

I feel like, at this point in my life, no one completely understands me, or even completely cares about me.
I was crying while watching the Math Jingle performances and no one cared to ask “Why are you crying?” Or “What happened to you?”.
Yeah, I hid it, looking downwards, covering my face and silently sobbing but it was not my usual behavior.
But prior to that, my eyes were red and a little swollen and still no one bothered.


Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

8-bit version (square waves)


Here’s a treat for all you minecrafters out there. This does not mean I’m completely starting the blog back up, just that I found this and thought I might share.

Wet Hands - Minecraft Soundtrack